Birthday parties have never been easier or more fun!

The Northwest Athletic Club has a lot of space and a lot of options to make your party to make sure you the best party possible!

The activity options are listed below. You can choose any of these activities, and you can even request an instructor to run these activities!
We have a large space in the back of the club perfect for cake and presents! There are plenty of tables and chairs to accomodate your party size!

We asked that you fill out the request form and submit it to management so they can follow up with you as soon as possible!
We ask that you provide paper products, utensils, food, cake and any decorations. We provide the space, activities, and instructors! You can split the activites and the time spent by the cafe however you would like. The price will be determined by management depending on the length of the party and the activities chosen.



We have a full court basketball court in the center of our facility! You could play a full court game, or just shoot around!


We haveĀ 4 pickleball courts and we provide the paddles and balls! You can choose which courts you would like to use!


Dodgeball would be played on our basketball court! We provide the dodgeballs and you can make the game!


We offer 4 tennis courts and 2 racquetball courts. You can pick the courts you would like to play on!


We have a large studio where Zumba classes take place. You can either do Zumba or make it your own dance party!